The Cat Cottage at Qualicum Beach is proud to share images of its boarding facility on Vancouver Island. We understand how important it is to have a realistic preview prior to the arrival of you and your cat.


Welcome to our hotel. 



Staff work area. The Cat Cottage is proud of its cleanliness and safety measures. The work area is equipped with a washer/dryer for fabrics, dishwasher, miniature fridge for medications, and wash basin.



The common area. This area features nine individual entrances to cat boarding suites, a salt-water fish tank for the cats’ viewing pleasure, as well as excellent lighting and air circulation.



Guests enjoy the security of their suites while also enjoying the ability to watch their surroundings.



Example of furnishings provided at The Cat Cottage.



Enjoying the perch above the door.



Siblings sharing a suite together with plenty of room.



Siblings enjoy the view of local wildlife while safely in their suite. Suites are equipped with extra wide window ledges and furniture for cats to enjoy.



When available, extra suites can be accessed via interior passageways. (Note: only cats from the same household are allowed to mix.)



Guest enjoying the sun coming in his large window.



Guest enjoying the aquarium entertainment.


Two of the clown fish in our tank.



View from the interior of a cat’s suite. Large exterior windows are reinforced with strong mesh so cats can sit on the window ledge in safety while they enjoy fresh air. The interior window is also reinforced with strong mesh and offers a sitting ledge. There is also a ledge and viewing area above the door.



Interior view of a cat’s suite. Rooms are spacious enough to easily accommodate two or more cats from the same household. Furniture and bedding keep cats comfortable and entertained in their home away from home.



IMG_0655We also grow and sell gorgeous Dahlias on site. Check in often for new varieties.